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This $119.00 item is no more than a spandex band that wraps around your head. Looks the the type of gear that wrestlers use in High School.

A big rip-off nad DEFINITELY NOT worth the money. Now the fun part of trying to get a refund. If I would of know that my partner ordered it I would of stopped him. It doesn't keep you from snoring.

A BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Do not spend you hard earned money on this ***. A headband would do what they claim this product should do and save you alot of money.

And who in the *** pays $10.00 for shipping. It weighs next to nothing.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Yep. this is a scam.

you can buy this type of chin strap at MVAP for $15. This would not keep your airway open.

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